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Purchase a Flipgrid Classroom subscription for yourself or another educator, a group of educators, or everyone in your school. If you are a purchaser at your school, or buying Flipgrid as a gift, you can use any of the following links. Easy peasy!

  • Educator
  • Educator

    $65 USD / educator / year

  • Purchase a 1-year Flipgrid Classroom subscription for yourself or another educator.

  • Group
  • Group

    $40 USD / educator / year

  • Purchase for 5 or more educators at a discounted rate. A single activation code to upgrade all accounts!

  • School
  • School

    $1,000 USD / school / year

  • Contact us to Get Started
  • Upgrade all of the educators and staff in your school to a 1-year Flipgrid Classroom subscription.

  • District

    $800 USD / school / year

  • Contact us to Get Started
  • Purchase for 10 or more schools at a discounted rate. Upgrade all educators in your district to Flipgrid Classroom!

  • College / University


  • Contact us to Get Started
  • Purchase Flipgrid Classroom for your center, department, college, or entire university.

The breakdown

Supercharge with Flipgrid Classroom

Flipgrid One provides you with one Grid to create and engage a social learning community in your classroom. Add unlimited discussion Topics and receive unlimited student videos.

Flipgrid Classroom supercharges discussions across all of your classrooms and communities with unlimited Grids and advanced features like student Reply-to-Response videos, individualized video feedback, custom assessment rubrics, Grid CoPilots, and much more!




  • Community Engagement

  • Number of Grids

  • Topics per Grid

  • Student Response videos

  • Response video lengths

  • Private video sharing for families

  • Student Reply-to-Response videos


  • Feedback and Assessment

  • Spark student Responses

  • Basic feedback rubric

  • Custom feedback rubrics

  • Individualized video feedback

  • Grid Management

  • Grid access security + privacy

  • LMS / CMS integrations

  • Grid CoPilots

  • Custom Grid codes

  • Grid duplication for multiple classes

  • Data and activity exports

  • Topic launch/freeze scheduling


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What is a Flipgrid Account?

Every educator creates an account to manage their Grids, Topics, and student Responses. Educators can edit, download, deactivate or delete any content on their Grids. Students do not need accounts.

Can I upgrade my existing One account to a Classroom account?

Yes! Upgrade your existing account and content at any time via the Flipgrid Educator Dashboard or with our group purchasing options above.

How long is my subscription? Can I purchase monthly?

A Flipgrid subscription is active for 1-year from purchase date. We do not offer monthly or partial year subscriptions.

What are my payment options? Do you accept school Purchase Orders (POs)?

Individual accounts can upgrade with a credit card through their Flipgrid Educator Dashboard. Contact to use a Purchase Order for individual, group, or school purchases!

How does the Group purchasing work?

Anyone can purchase for 5 or more educators at a discounted rate. Once purchased, Flipgrid will generate a single activation code that is emailed to the purchaser. The single activation code can be shared and used by any educator to upgrade their account. Expiration is 1-year from purchase date.

What constitutes a School in your K12 School pricing?

A Flipgrid School consists of all educators and staff within a division of your district’s schools. For example, if your school has its own webpage and is communicated as a specific school to parents/students, then that is a school. For $1,000 every educator and staff member within a school can have access to a Flipgrid Classroom account. To learn more, contact us at

My Classroom account is about to expire. What now?

If your Classroom account expires, you will be downgraded to a free Flipgrid One account. Continue using 1 Grid with your students for free. Other Grids are only accessible via your Flipgrid Educator Dashboard. Flipgrid will never delete your Grids, Topics, or student videos.

Can my organization, nonprofit, or company use a Flipgrid Classroom account?

Absolutely! Our pricing is for PreK to PhD educators so please contact for more information.